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Dr Andreakos
New Review
3 months ago
I think that to be able to fully appreciate this place you need to understand that it is not an ordinary shop where you get your eye exam and buy frames. Personally, I enjoyed the process very much as it made me realize that there's more to glasses. They are an accessory that can dramatically improve your look so there's no reason to treat the selection process lightly :) I got my first prescription for glasses in 2011 and my husband needed a new pair of glasses at the same time. It was a huge shock to me to discover that I need to wear them. It was my first time ever choosing frames and I knew nothing of them. So we made an appointment and went to see the frames. Initially, I thought we're just going to be roaming endless rows of display shelves and try things on as we go, but thank god it wasn't the case. We had the pleasure of working with one of the co-owners (I think?) of the place. She sat us down, and had us try on frames from the selection she presented. As we tried them on she would tell us whether the frames were a yes, no or a maybe. At this point we didn't see how we look in the glasses but nevertheless 3 piles grew steadily :) when we felt like we had enough to choose from we got mirrors and started trying the frames on and finally after discussing a couple of prescription details the selection was made. I have received many compliments on my glasses ever since :) On another note: the frame selection is huge, and there's a variety of styles that are completely unavailable in standard stores that like to nest themselves near malls. The staff has always been very pleasant to deal with, I honestly don't understand the comments stating otherwise. I understand that a lot of people like to have absolute control over all of their choices, but I really think it's okay to have a professional help you. When you think about it, they have no interest in letting you leave the shop looking terrible! Every single one of the customers with nicely matched frames is, after all, the best advertisement they can hope for. They will say if something looks bad on you but it's professional honesty, not a personal dig. And I'm not saying it based on just one experience. We came back in 2013 to have my glasses fixed (no there was no flaw in them, I broke them) and we met with the same kind and professional treatment as before. I would recommend Eyopia to anyone who is looking for a unique and very personalized approach and wants to look great in their glasses!
Mary P
Can't wait for my new glasses I always love personal attention ... and that is what I always get at EyeOpia. Plus, I leave with some cool glasses that are tailored for me as you would expect with such service! Thanks so much for the 15+ years of care and service!
Excellent visit Excellent doctor and staff! Also great frames!
Bryan C
Most Outstanding! The service at Eyeopia is topnotch! The staff is extremely personable and professional to a person. They really know their stuff. Peter has a certain way of educating you during the exam process that is like nothing I have ever experienced. He challenges you in a fun and interesting way to break down your preconceived notions about your own vision. The frame selection process was probably my favorite part of the experience. It's quite entertaining! Truly a great experience all the way around.
Sara L
great I was just disappointed that Peter was not wearing a flower shirt. That's all
Shelley C
Big fan. I look forward to my annual eye exam because I know I'll get great advice from Dr. Peter and his staff. I really appreciated how Shelby gave honest assessment of the look of frames to my face as well as my lifestyle.
Dr Andreakos
New Review 2
a year ago-
I've been going to optometrists for my entire life and my experience at Eyeopia was entirely different from anything I've experienced before. Instead of 'here is your prescription', Dr. Peter Andreakos took the time to explain what different prescription levels meant to me and my lifestyle. Apparently prescriptions are not 'black vs. white' but shades of gray instead. I work at a computer all day, which we tailored my lenses for. It was a very informative and refreshing experience. The process they have in place for helping with frame and lens selection was superb. Serious thought went into how I will be wearing the glasses, my audience and of course my facial features. It was awesome. I highly recommend Eyeopia for anyone looking for an alternative to the regular, white lab coat experience.
Dr Andreakos
New Review 3
9 months ago-
I had my eye appointment with Dr. Pete at the Monroe St Eyeopia. He's the first eye doctor I've had that has really taken the time to clearly explain my eyesight issues. He really cares that you understand your eyesight, which I loved since I'm a huge nerd. The frame fitting afterwards was also great. It makes the whole process much easier to have someone picking out frames that would work for me -- I stress out when doing this on my own. They snapped some pictures of the ones we narrowed it down to and e-mailed them to me so my wife could approve. I would definitely recommend them!
Dr Andreakos
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5.0 star rating
11/23/2011  Updated review
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peter, the optometrist, is great! super nice guy who is engaging, funny and smart, and willing to answer any questions you have in a professional manner. 

all of the women who work here are very friendly and helpful. they helped me to pick out my new frames and i couldn't be happier... they're cast from a vintage frame mold, made in the US, and totally me. i've received a TON of compliments and have been happy to tell people where i got them.

i am so glad i decided to give eyeopia a shot, and will definitely be back for all of my eyecare needs.

Dr Andreakos
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5.0 star rating
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Great doctor and staff! I love the frame selection here and simply the best glasses I have ever had. I recommend the ProDesign frames from Denmark, they just fit perfectly and look great!

Dr Andreakos
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4.0 star rating

I had  a perfectly delightful time  choosing my glasses here.  The optometrist spent a very long time talking with me about my vision concerns, how I use my eyes during work and leisure, how my posture will affect the placement of my progressive lenses and how I can expect  to adjust to my first bifocals.  I always have a hard time finding frames I like, so i appreciated having someone knowledgeable make the first round of suggestions.  We narrowed it down to 4 or 5 good choices, then I later returned with a friend to help make the final selection.  No one batted an eye when I mentioned budget concerns in my frame choice and they were completely helpful in making the most of my insurance benefits.  So far, I'm a fan.

Dr Andreakos
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4.0 star rating
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Came here to get my eyes checked after recently getting vision insurance. My appointment was about an hour long, starting with some basic vision tests (ie colorblind test) and some photos of my eyes (super cool!). The staff is very friendly and eager to explain everything to you. They genuinely seem to care about the patients. 

I then was taken into the exam room to see Dr. Andreakos. Dr. Andreakos is awesome! He is very experienced and explains everything he does very well. I hate going to the doctor and being told I have an issue with no explanation whatsoever, so I really enjoyed my appointment. Dr. Andreakos basically gave me a "vision for dummies" lesson, which I very much appreciated. 

I was given a prescription and opted to get glasses there. They have a huge collection of frames. The staff spent a whole hour with me helping me choose my frames (I've never had glasses before, so I really had no idea what would look good or how to choose frames.) After purchasing a pair (they were pretty expensive, I know now to shop at Costco or somewhere else for frames next time), they told me I would be called in about 1-2 weeks to come try on and pick up my glasses. I got them a week later!

Overall great service and a really amazing doctor. I will definitely be back!

Dr Andreakos
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5.0 star rating
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Eyeopia -- or eye utopia -- is actually true to its name. After years of having trust issues with my frames and seven sets of home try-ons later, I finally found a place with discerning taste and a deep understanding of the industry and what customers need. Leave your bff, mom, or significant other at home; unless they work at Eyeopia, they won't know about picking out frames. 

TIL how your frames fit your face can greatly impact the effectiveness of your prescription. Dr Andreakos (Peter!), who is personable, hilarious, and decorated the Monroe location himself, understands this deeply and takes a holistic approach to eye care and vision correction. No more will I have to deal with jaded optometrists with no taste, knowledge, or opinion about what frames I end up with. Stella, Manager extraordinaire, is extremely knowledgeable and patient as well and she helped make the frame-picking process enjoyable. They make a good team and are both involved in the process from check up to pick up. 

Let's be upfront, the frame options they have are pricey. But if you value design, have a strong sense of style, hate making decisions, have a hard time finding frames that fit, are certain most frames weren't made for a nose bridge like yours, have a serious prescription and feel this limits your options, are an adult now and ready to wear frames that fit your face, you will cherish what Eyeopia has to offer. Best of all, they take insurance and have options for people who don't.

Eyeopia helped me believe in the impossible, that I too can see clearly and be seen clearly. *mic drop*